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    Hello everyone!

    My name is Ryth, I'm a developer over at Pestilent Ultima Online

    We have been in the runuo game for roughly 8 months (launched April 2016) and so far loving it! We have an amazing core group of players that are the life blood or the beating heart of our little community.

    Our shard started with a fresh copy of RunUO 2.6 and we have been molding this clay into our idea of what a balanced AOS server should be. We still have lots of work to be done, such as completely revamped Faction system, a monster reputation system, dota style mini games, and much more in the works.

    I also would like to express a thank you to the admins of this site for making an effort to retain much of the scripts and info from the old runuo forums/site.

    Without further adeu, I'll turn it over to our advertising minions:

    Pestilent UO transports players back to the Age of Shadows (AoS) era in Ultima Online. Play with our community--backed by a development team dedicated to quality and longevity--during one of the most fast-paced, well balanced, and exciting times in the history of Ultima Online!

    > Dedicated server with Internap Managed Internet Route Optimizerâ„¢ technology
    > Friendly to all player types
    > Familiar land masses which favor the most adventurous
    - Britannia (original continent), Felucca ruleset only
    - Lost Lands (The Second Age - T2A), Felucca ruleset only
    - Malas (Age of Shadows - AoS), Trammel ruleset only
    - Ilshenar (Third Dawn- UO3D), Trammel ruleset only
    > Authentic and professional OSI feel and casting speeds
    > Doom Gauntlet artifact acquisition options available in both facets
    > Enhanced pigment distribution system
    > Scheduled events & monthly tournaments
    > Committed development team & server staff