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    Is today the day that you return to Britannia?

    It has been a long time Avatar!

    You are again needed in Sosaria to help defeat evil and restore balance to the
    Ultima Online Universe! Your shard is waiting for you!

    Are you brave enough to answer the call and re-live the adventure of a lifetime!

    Join us on UO Evolution - Ultima Online Freeshard!
    UO Evolution "The Game Has Evolved"


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      September is Pirate Month on UO Evolution!

      We will be adding some new pirate content next month for “Talk Like A Pirate Day”! We have fun
      with this every year. Instead of just one day, we have extended the fun to all month!

      We will be doing a pirate theme all of the month of September

      Here are some entertaining links to help you get in character and have some fun with this theme

      How to Role Play a Pirate:

      Learn the pirate language:

      Here is some pirate vocabulary:

      We will be offering DOUBLE ED for any donation this Labor Day weekend Aug 31-Sept 3rd!

      >>>UO Evolution Events<<<

      Thu Aug 30 - Naked Fist Fights every Thursday at 6pm
      Fri Aug 31 - Champ Spawn Marathon every Friday 7pm
      Sat Sep 01 - Pirate Month Begins! Pirate Champ at noon and 7pm
      Sun Sep 02 - All Champion Spawns on the shard will be activated at 7pm
      Mon Sep 03 - Labor Day Events

      Thu Sep 06 - Naked Fist Fights every Thursday at 6pm
      Fri Sep 07 - Champ Spawn Marathon every Friday 7pm
      Sat Sep 08 - Pet Wars at 6pm, Pirate Month Begins! Pirate Champ at noon and 7pm
      Sun Sep 09 - All Champion Spawns on the shard will be activated at 7pm

      Sun Sep 16 - UOE Grand Auction
      Wed Sep 19 - Talk Like a Pirate Day
      Fri Sep 28 - Pirate Ship Race 5:30 pm cst

      >>>Daily Staff Events<<<

      * Town Invasions - 2 times daily - Random Timers
      * Fishing Tournament - Every other day!
      * Staff runs the Triple Champ Spawn Events - Usually in the morning, at noon and 7pm
      * Staff will be running the special Custom Pirate Champ Daily in September

      Watch for special events announced in game. The staff will be running PVP events, custom
      champs, Hide and Seek, and Battleboard as time permits!
      >>>NEW! Automated Fishing Tournament Event<<<
      Watch for the new updated fishing tournament. You will see the announcement in global chat
      and then follow the directions. Catch the largest fish within the time limit and win prizes,
      along with bragging rights!
      >>>Naked Fistfight Event!<<<
      This event is fun for all and anyone has an equal chance to WIN! All the players are stripped
      naked and placed in an arena. The object is to fight only using your fists, no healing or
      spells. The winner is the last player standing!
      Naked Fist Fights are hosted every Thursday at 6pm
      >>>Champion Spawn Marathon Event<<<
      Join us every Friday at 7pm cst for multiple champ spawns, starting easy and progressively
      getting harder! Are you brave enough for the challenge?
      >>>Pet Wars Saturday Sept 8th at 6pm<<<
      Fun event for everyone to watch or participate - Great Rare Prizes
      Watch for the upcoming tournament announcement
      >>>Grand Auction Event September 16th<<<

      The Staff on UO Evolution Shard will be hosting an auction at noon cst. Many of the items are
      on display at the auction hall

      Xaichan will be streaming the UO Evolution Grand Auction LIVE on Twitch!

      Pirate Ship Race for the Treasure!
      28th of Sept. @ 5:30pm! Servertime

      The object of this event will be to collect several items and get to the finish line while in
      your boat! After walking over a bank tile (which strips all your items and places them in your
      bank) you will be given A “Look like a Pirate-Feel Like a Pirate “bag which contains the

      * A Pirate Outfit
      * Pirate Race Book
      * A Pet Parrot
      * A Pet Bonding deed
      * 10 Parrot Wafers
      * A Boat Key

      Details at

      Join UO Evolution's DISCORD SERVER by following this link:
      UO Evolution "The Game Has Evolved"


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        UO Evolution "The Game Has Evolved"