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Final Public Release of VNc

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  • Final Public Release of VNc

    Vita-Nex: Core
    This version will likely be the final ever public release of VNc.

    This update addresses the compatibility issues with the latest RunUO and ServUO builds.

    The Updates Service has been completely removed, as has some other redundant modules and

    Vorspire, Jan 15, 2017
    It is recommended in this case to completely delete the entire project from your server

    Donation Module Update [CRITICAL]
    + Fix an issue when processing PayPal IPN data from donation transactions that caused all
    donations to be valued at the base

    Fixed an issue causing data corruption when reading raw bytes in SerializeExtUtility

    Super Contributor
    I had a lot of problems with the VNC and XML Spawner. Neither one comes with any kind of
    documentation - and they are not user friendly...but the XMLSpawner is awesome once you
    figure it out. I gave up on VNC.

    Super Contributor
    I did unfortunately run into one issue, namely that some Vita Nex Core (VNC) modules are
    not working

    Since this is the final release, and it has been a major issue for the ServUO project, I would not recommend using this software. There is also no support
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