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Vita Nex Core is "Obsolete"

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  • Vita Nex Core is "Obsolete"

    Vita Nex Core is "Obsolete" according to Vorspire

    Dante: I have never said you have lack of skill, I said you were a troll and a very unreasonable person. You are by far the
    worse plague inflicted on this hobby that has ever happened. You have run off ALL the remaining talent that tries to post on
    RunUO forums. If you left, there would be dozens of people I know that would return to the community.

    Dante: Yes, a 1000 people have downloaded your old code and have determined it is trash, it was bad 10 years ago when you
    adopted it, and was even worse when you slapped your name on it!

    pooka01: I agree with your small rant about the Vita-Nex Core though, it makes sense and it's basically why i never used that
    in the first place.

    Dante: Yes, we all have come to the same conclusion...we tried it and it was a complete failure...having to get updated from
    Vorspire's website and relying on a single person, who is completely unreliable is silly

    Vorspire: you don't understand how VNc works

    Dante: My point exactly, no one knows how this garbage code works, and the parts we do understand make it crazy to use! I'd
    like to see that list of shards you say use this code! They sure are not in the top 10 of any successful shards...You used
    this code on your shards and they all failed!

    Vorspire: VNc is just a pet project anyway, it will be obsolete in a few months

    Dante: LOL, it's too funny that you finally admit that your code is "obsolete"! Anyone reading this should be very alarmed if
    your shard has this code...
    UO Evolution "The Game Has Evolved"

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    The main issue with Vita-Nex is that you have to rely on Vorspire for support. He is so unpredictable you cant trust him,
    and always wants money to help fix issues

    I think he knows there are certain aspects of this system that are broken, and that you will have to call him and pay for
    future support

    He will help install for free, but as soon as you commit, he holds his hand out for payments or tries to charge for his

    He is a very shady operator and people should beware when dealing with him
    UO Evolution "The Game Has Evolved"


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      You completely destroyed UO Freedom by adding your new VNc core and losing the entire
      playerbase. That used to be an active pvp shard before you stole it

      Reddit Post
      [–]Vorspire 1 point 7 months ago* (UO Freedom)
      At any rate, my shard is totally not the right place to go to learn about UO; it's
      basically not UO, so any new players would have a very hard time adapting learned skills
      to/from other shards without being confused. (This is why I rarely recommend my own shard
      to new players)

      UO Freedom was down for 3 days and you did not even notice? There were only 3 players on
      your shard and has been a dismal failure since you have been the developer

      "As most of you are aware I took control of freedom a few months back. Within this time I
      realized how in over my head I was." - Vorspire

      You mean you stole it and can't run a shard? - Dante
      UO Evolution "The Game Has Evolved"