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Tiny UOsteam window

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  • Tiny UOsteam window

    I have been trying and trying to figure out why this application ends up being tiny and I cannot read the tabs, anyone have an idea what is making it do this? I have tried changing the custom DPI also, that does nothing for this.

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    You might take a look at the settings and documentation, also make sure you are on the latest version 1.0.5

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      I have the same issue.
      If I run the UO client without using UO Steam, the client displays at a normal size.
      If I run it through UO Steam, then it is like a postage stamp.

      I do have a 4k UHD monitor. I set DPI to 200%, but that really only changes the font scaling, not anything else.

      I can change my monitor resolution down to 720p, and it runs, but then everything else is huge.

      I also created a VM desktop for both a Windows 8.1 and a Windows 10 OS.
      I am in the processing of testing it out now.


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        How do I set higher resolution in UO Steam?

        It’s available via Options tab -> General subtab and from there bottom right Game Window section. Select “Resize” and put
        1024×768, or what ever you want it set to
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          Anyone find this solution?


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            How to adjust the screen size in UO Steam and UO Razor

            I have since created a guide on our wiki for UO Steam and UO Razor to make the process easier
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