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    The Orion Client Project

    05-28-2017, 11:53 PM
    The Orion Project

    Orion project includes Orion Client, Orion Assistant and Orion Launcher programs.
    -Orion Client is an alternative, open-source client for Ultima Online. It is written in C++ and OpenGL for GPU based graphics rendering.
    Take a look at our wiki for more information about enchanced options of the client and how it should be configured.

    Orion Assistant is an assistant program like UORazor or UOSteam but only for Orion Client.
    UORazor, UOSteam, EasyUO etc. won't work with the Orion Client, that's why we had to create our own assistant program.

    It's source code is closed. This way shard owners can contol functionality of OA, which can vary between simple hotkey binds, just like in client, and highly advanced scripts for automation of game process.
    OA scripting language is based on JavaScript.

    Orion Launcher is a simple program which can be used to download Orion Client binaries, as well as OA binaries and also easily update them just by clicking a button.
    It can also be used by shard owners to generate packets for OA feature control.

    Changelogs Orion Assistant release, version

    -Fixed mechanics of 'injured' flag. It will ignore dead characters and characters without status.
    -Fixed issue with configs getting erased after crashes.
    -Fixed issues with synchronisation of scripts deletion and launching from hotkeys. This should result in less crashes.
    -Some fixes with menu processing.
    -Searching for text in journal will work for Russian too.
    -Added InfoGump command.
    -Added functionality for auto targeting of tiles( ValidateTargetTile() and ValidateTargetTileRelative() ).
    -Fixes in function for tiles auto searching.
    -Fixed refreshing of path to autoload script on OA launch.
    -Added path saving for each loaded script file ( apart for each character too )
    -Added Launch() for launching of external programs.
    -Added Contains() and Split() for string operations.
    -Added UseAbility() for AoS abilties and UseWrestlingDisarm() and UseWrestlingStun() ( pre AoS ).
    -Added saving/loading of tiles into a file for automatic tiles searching.
    -Added logging of incomming sounds into system journal of OA.
    -Added LastJournalMessage().
    -Added GetLastTargetPosition() and GetLastAttackPosition() to retrieve last known coordinates (PositionObject data type) of lasttarget/lastattack ( makes possible to throw aoe spell/explo pot on the ground where target went invisible ? )
    -OA EN Wiki is fully up-to-date now.


    Orion Client updates:
    -Fixed moving of gumps outside game screen.
    -Fixed gumps moving function to work with minimized gumps as well.
    -Fixed playing of wrong intro music file for older clients.
    -Fixed use of AoS abilities.
    -Fixed right clicking on object handle. It will close them.
    -Fixed updating of object handle texture.
    -Fix original macros file (from new clients) convertion.
    -Fixed 'say' macro.
    -Fixed item names in object handles.
    -Fixed Buy/Sell gumps item container size.
    -Added camel case output for cliloc strings.
    -Added packets for old Wrestling Stun and Disarm requests.
    -Added functionality to get data from .uop map files for OA.
    -Fixed issues with window resizing at character selection screen.
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